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Miami Horror at Santa Monica Pier's Twilight Concerts 7/27/17. Photo by Hector Vergara (@theHextron) for www.BlurredCulture.com.
Miami Horror at Santa Monica Pier’s Twilight Concerts 7/27/17. Photo by Hector Vergara (@theHextron) for www.BlurredCulture.com.

Santa Monica, CA- Just as the sun had finished setting against the beautiful Santa Monica Pier, I enjoyed a few pieces of watermelon as I stared down at the ocean below me before making my way to the front of the stage to witness Australia’s very own Miami Horror.

The lights dimmed and the crowd began excitedly cheering when suddenly the stage and audience were blasted with bright colors as a thunderous bass line boomed over the speakers and the band came out on to the stage. The band ripped right into their set which transformed the pier into a disco dance party. Filled with house inspired dance beats, super stylistic disco guitar riffs and vocals that match the upbeat feel of the music, Miami Horror was the perfect selection for a concert on a wonderful and warm west coast beach.

The band seemed to take us back in time as they played some older fan favorites such as “Sometimes” and “I Look To You” while also peppering songs from their latest release The Shapes. During one song towards the end of the set, lead singer Benjamin Plant jumped off the stage and into the VIP section with microphone in hand. From there he ran up towards the crowd and scaled the sound booth and sang as he towered over everyone in the audience as he finished the song before returning to the stage.

Soon after, the lights dimmed again as the band walked off stage leaving me wanting more. But just as I was about to accept that the show was over and I didn’t get to hear my favorite song of theirs, the band came right back out on stage sending the audience into excited applause. Once I heard the opening guitar licks of “Holidays”, I turned to my friend and immediately started dancing right then and there. Disco may not be alive and well in the mainstream, but this Australian four piece is certainly doing their damnedest to keep it going.

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