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Gallant at L.A. PRIDE 6/12/16. Photo by Derrick K. Lee, Esq. (@Methodman13)

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If there was one thing that I regret about my coverage of L.A. PRIDE it was that I missed a large part of Gallant’s set. Ever since I heard his duet with Jhene Aiko, “Skipping Stones”, and watched his streamed performance at Coachella where he had Seal join on him on stage for a pair of songs, Gallant has been high on my list of new artists who fill a void in music at this moment.

As it turns out, the hip-hop stage at L.A. PRIDE was running extremely late. I had already logged a good 45 minutes waiting for Big Freedia to take the stage, and even though Gallant’s set was about to start, I just couldn’t leave without at least getting a handful of shots to make the wait worth it.

I literally sprinted two blocks from the hip-hop stage to the main stage in order to catch what I could of Gallant’s set. Out of breath, I settled in and let Gallant’s mellifluous falsetto calm me down. What I heard was good, but it’s not enough of a sample size for me to really give a thoughtful review.

Gallant debut album, “Ology”, was just released. He’ll be touring the rest of the year in support of the album. He’s back in Los Angeles in September performing two nights at The Fonda. It looks like I may have to attend one of those shows.

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