Kung Foo Grip just released the first single off of their upcoming album, “Mic Check.” Entirely produced by Keyboard Kid, 2KFG, is set to be released early 2018. With this first track it’s clear that KFG will be skrrtin’ in their own lane all the way to the top.

Imagine that Riley and Huey Freeman grew up, left the Boondocks, and started rapping. That’s Greg Cypher and Eff is H, who compose this dynamic duo. They’re highly influenced by comic books, anime, and boom bap. Watching their live performance is like watching a Saiyan take his superior form. You get hit with these Kamehameha size blasts of energetic bars.

This gritty video for “Mic Check” was directed by Paradice Avenue Souf’s Harry Clean, and Yung Tada Entertainment. It depicts a normal day in the Kung Foo Grip neighborhood. Drinking mimosa’s on the roof while playing Nintendo 64, and lacing up their combat boots to stomp on anyone in their way.