LOS ANGELES, CA- Maggie Rogers, the singer-songwriter and outstanding producer, solidified her superstar status by headlining the legendary Hollywood Bowl last week. As entrancing as Rogers is on stage, the evening felt peculiar, a sentiment she herself acknowledged.

“Just twenty minutes into my set, I feel the need to say this concert feels incredibly unique,” Rogers commented. “Perhaps that’s the magic of the Bowl — it’s an experience unlike any other.”

This was my inaugural experience of seeing Rogers perform live. Having been an ardent admirer of her music, videos, and dance for a while, my anticipation was sky-high. Maggie captured the essence of the evening early on, stating, “It’s fantastic, but it’s bizarre.”

At first, I surmised her comments might stem from the surreal feeling of performing on a stage where she once saw superstar Christina Aguilera. However, as the evening progressed, it seemed she might have been alluding to the lackluster energy from some parts of the crowd.

This isn’t to imply the show wasn’t stellar. Rogers was electrifying. Even the esteemed 85-year-old actress Jane Fonda was captivated, sharing on her Instagram: “Witnessed Maggie Rogers’ Hollywood Bowl debut. She’s remarkable… She’s destined for even greater stardom.”

While Rogers exuded confidence and commanded the stage, the crowd’s energy in certain sections was disappointingly subdued. However, some of the upper sections seemed to be thoroughly enjoying themselves.

After the concert, my deep dive into all things Maggie Rogers revealed many fans shared this sentiment. A video from TikTok user @kendall__lord even went viral, expressing her dismay about disruptive audience members. Rogers herself commented on the post, acknowledging the night’s unique atmosphere.

But setting aside audience demeanor for another day, let’s talk about the music.

Rogers demonstrated her unparalleled prowess. She commenced with a cinematic montage of her music videos, thanks to her synesthesia, and then launched into “Anywhere With You” and “Want Want” from her 2022 ‘Surrender’ album.

The setlist was a delightful mix of old and new. Rogers even introduced three unreleased tracks. Classics like “Alaska” and “Light On” got the most substantial reactions, with the sight of 17,000 illuminated cell phones at the Bowl being a visual treat.

During “Retrograde,” Rogers playfully interacted with the audience, mashing up the song with Whitney Houston’s “I Want to Dance With Somebody” and even swigging champagne from an audience member’s bottle.

“Love You For A Long Time” holds a special place in my heart, and live, it was an emotional experience. While the song holds romantic significance for me, Rogers dedicated it to her parents.

The evening concluded with an encore starting with “Dog Years.” Rogers thanked the audience and highlighted her tour’s association with PLANNED PARENTHOOD and HEADCOUNT, urging attendees to support these causes.

Before her final song, Rogers teased that she might not be in LA for a while but looked forward to future ventures. “Different Kind Of World” closed the show, a track I hadn’t anticipated but proved to be a fitting finale.

Experiencing Maggie Rogers live surpassed my expectations. Here’s hoping the next crowd matches her fervor.

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