Kouss is an American producer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and DJ. He developed his musical style growing up in South Florida playing drums innumerous rock bands, orchestras, and jazz ensembles. Kouss often incorporateslive drums, bass, guitar,and piano in his electronic centric recordings.

Immediately following graduation, his rock band Stellar Revival was signed to Capitol Records. During this time, he toured the world and developed an appreciation for life on the road.

After a freak car accident sidelined him from playing drums in 2020, Kouss began recording electronic music in Nashville and Los Angeles as a way to stay productive musically. The first song recorded after the accident would ultimately become his debut single, “Can’t Go Back;” a coming-of-age electronic pop anthem with Anna Kline. With a buzzworthy live performance and an EP on its way in 2024, Kouss has laid the groundwork for an exciting musical journey.