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Blood Orange 8/28/16 @ Fuck Yeah Fest. Photo by Jose Negrete for FYF Fest. Used With Permission By www.BlurredCulture.com.

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Blood Orange 8/28/16 @ Fuck Yeah Fest. Setlist.Devonte Hynes p/k/a Blood Orange is all about soulful vibes. If I were to narrow that description a bit further, it would be soulful feminine vibes. His latest album, “Freetown Sound” which was released earlier this year, features a who’s who of powerful female guest vocalists, it was an easy bet that a handful of them grace the main stage join Mr. Hynes in song. If you had put money on it, you would have come out ahead.

He opened up his set by showcasing the goods that earned him his stripes: his musicality. By shredding mean riffs on his electric guitar, and by elegantly bowing his cello on stage (the first time I’ve ever noticed him playing a cello during a performance), the audience got to experience the genius that has lured a diverse range of recording artists to knock on his door for a collaboration.

Then, in the blink of an eye, the first featured guest artist took the stage. Accompanying Dev on stage was the ever delightful Carly Rae Jepsen. After she performed “Better Than Me”, Sky Ferreira walked on stage to perform a couple of songs with Dev … later it was Zuri Marley … then Nelly Furtado … then Empress of. If only Dev had had Debbie Harry join him on stage for “E.V.P.”, that would been the first round knock out of the festival.

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CLICK HERE to check out more FUCK YEAH FEST Coverage!