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Sevyn Streeter @ L.A. PRIDE 6/10/17 // Photo by Derrick K. Lee, Esq. (@Methodman13)
Sevyn Streeter @ L.A. PRIDE 6/10/17 // Photo by Derrick K. Lee, Esq. (@Methodman13)


When you see the stage crew bringing out the ‘diva’ fans, you can already tell that it’s going to be a memorable performance, and that’s exactly what singer-songwriter Sevyn Streeter brought to her set at L.A. Pride.

The first thing I noticed about Sevyn is that she is just as stunning in person as she is in photos.  Her appearance alone demands your attention. Then when she opens her mouth to sing, you’re in for a real treat. Sevyn has a light and refreshing voice that’s pleasing to the ear, but she knows how to hit hard when she needs to. In addition to that, her set was packed with energetic and creative choreography that kept the crowd fully entertained.

One of my favorite songs from her set was the sweet and soft ballad “Before I Do.” The relatable lullaby-like tune is about not being sure about a love interest’s intentions, but still deeply wanting to be involved with them. It was actually my first time ever hearing the song, and I was glad to be able to hear it live first. She also performed a fan favorite and one of her most popular songs “It Wont Stop” which everyone in the front sang along to.

Sevyn’s performance at Pride proved once again, that she deserves a mention amongst the best in R&B. She delivered a polished set that shows how hard she and her team have been working. Too often, female R&B singers are overlooked because there seems to be no room among the heavy hitters who already dominate the market. But Sevyn is the full package – she can write, sing, dance and slay- and is talented enough to stand her ground and make her place amongst the greats.

Sevyn Streeters’s album “Girl Disrupted” will be out on her 31st birthday July 7, 2017 (7/7/17).

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