LOS ANGELES, CA- While we’re anxiously waiting for LA-based pop artist Sage Charmaine to drop some new jams, she recently released some new visuals for her single “Around” which is on her debut album EP, Don’t Leave Me. Sage may be young, but “Around” weighs in on heady, modern-day issues with social media.

Of the song, Sage says:

“The song is about constantly feeling like you’re being looked down upon because you don’t have the same level of “clout” or huge ass “following” as others — which has nothing to do with experience or talent. Like, just because you came out here a year ago and got lucky on TikTok doesn’t mean you’re more legit than someone who has been working hard to write/record/perform their music and build their career for years. That’s what I mean by ‘Bitch, I’ve been around’

The visuals in her video, like her personality, is colorful with retro feels:

“I take a lot of my personal aesthetic from visual artists who are very colorful: like 90’s artist Lisa Frank, Oliver Hibert and Takashi Murakami — who use rainbows and bright colors in practically all their work.”

In the video, she is surrounded by her best friends, and- as she puts it- there’s nothing more real than friends:

“I wanted to use my real friends in the video because I wanted it to be super authentic because I think people respond most to authenticity and being real — I didn’t see the need for “actors” when I have a whole group of friends who already cool as shit and wear cool shit. I thought it would make the video even more fun to watch, realistic and relatable.”

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again, we think Sage has got some potential. You feeling the vibe of her new video? Let us know in the comments!

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