LOS ANGELES, CA- Happy Monday! Or is it Tuesday? Almost weekend? We are as lost as you are. Stuck on a couch in sweat pants, buried in pita chips crumbs from Friday night while the deadly virus is taking over the planet. It sounds like one of Michael Bay’s blockbusters but sadly this is our reality. We are all in this together and we at Blurred Culture are here to make your quarantine days a little juicier, filled with new music because you need a distraction.

Meet our new discovery, Jake Germany aka PHANGS, a Nashville-based emotionally available pop star. Germany is a proud dad and a husband but is no stranger to heartbreak. Artist recently released a visual with a vintage vibe to his dream-pop ballad “OKAY WITH THAT” from the upcoming record “Who’s Gonna Break Your Heart Tonight? “.

The video is focused on the estranged couple- a heroine who is on her phone while the artist himself is absorbed in his Gameboy.

“I hate the internet/ Cause every shape/ Looks like your silhouette”, sings Germany providing us a cinematic soundtrack to a romance in the digital age, which is almost ironic considering that we are all currently stuck at home with phones in our hands. Timing couldn’t be more perfect.

Groovy guitars with 80s mood hit your soul with melancholy while still giving you that “feel good” boost.

As the song ends with

“I’ll leave you in the past
I’m better off just taking
What I have
And I won’t see you around
Or in my head
Not anymore
And I’m okay with that”

The artist leaves us with his acceptance of the lost relationship and an almost comforting feeling that no matter how downcast things might be, it all shall pass.

Who’s on social media 24/7 because there’s nothing else to do? Who’s stalking their ex?  Now stop and go share your new favorite tune with whomever you are quarantined with. Stay safe, share music, not germs!

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PHANGS | "Okay With That"
PHANGS | “Okay With That”