DUBLIN, IRELAND- Quarantining during the pandemic has been a difficult endeavor for a lot of people. If you were lucky enough, you’ve been able to be surrounded by people you love. If you were really lucky, those people also sparked your creativity.

Flavia Watson was a lucky one.

Last year, Flavia released a banger of an EP, “Out Loud”. The first track on the four-song collection is “Switch”, a song that playfully addresses her sexuality amidst pulsing drums and bass.

When the pandemic started, she went back home to her family in Ireland. She’s remained creative during these uncertain times and even had her family get involved with birthing her artistic visions.

Flavia dropped the official music video for “Switch”, which features and was created by her entire family. Co-directed with her sister, Giulia- who also did the video’s cinematography, and styled by her mother, Sveta, Flavia is captured in fun and sassy acts around the family’s home on horseback, in the garden, and in the tub! Her father, Jeff makes an appearance, as well as her “extended” family, Lily, Theo and Max.

Check out the video below, and follow her links!

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