Saturday Sunday


“… After, I ran into a friend who asked if I was going to see Princess Nokia. “Who?” I replied. “Just go watch her. Trust me.”

Sure enough, Princess Nokia did not disappoint. Her confidence flooded the audience and her humbleness to introduce her band mid-set made me appreciate her even more. Although on the surface she appears to be nothing more than a scantily clad, cute pop singer, Princess Nokia gave us something I’d like to call “emo rap.” It never dawned on me that two completely distinct musical genres could amalgamate so well together.

Her cover of Blink 182’s “I Miss You” was a pleasant surprise and reminiscent moment for the elder millennials in the crowd, while her snarky comedy proved it’s a good thing to not take yourself too seriously if you’re in the music business. Destiny Nicole Frasqueri— her name off the stage— sincerely closed out her set with a tribute to her brother, whom she referred to as Little Angel, and reminded us that it’s never too late or too right to be one’s true self …”

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Saturday Sunday