HOLLYWOOD, CA– Midnight Divide is an L.A. based, indie/alt-rock band that has been creating cinematic alt-pop jams since 2015. The musical repertoire has got a real anthemic vibe going on, and their latest single, “Who Do You Think That You Are”, is no different. With its pulsing beat and swelling choruses, odds are good that you’ll find your head banging to the music while you’re working at your desk.

Of the song, lead vocalist, guitarist, and keyboardist, Austen Moret says:

“Of anything we’ve done to date, this new record has felt like the most unadulterated version of what we want to sound like […] It’s this blend of all our favorite real rock elements (live drums, bass, guitars, etc.), but it’s got this shiny, synthy, almost pop-like sheen over it. … it feels like we’ve pulled off the mask on who we are … and it feels really damn good.”

They’ve played with that notion of masks for the song’s accompanying music video. With their faces covered in flouresencet paints and illuminated with blacklights, the video is a trippy concoction aimed to bring out that “shing, synthy, almost pop-like sheen” that Moret talks about.

The band is currently working on their 3rd EP which is tentatively titled Weapons Grade Amnesia and is scheduled to drop by early October of 2019, but they will be spending some with us this weekend to celebrate the release of their new music video with a performance at our Hollywood showcase at Madame Siam. Odds are pretty good that they’ll be performing some of their new music, giving their fans a little taste of what we can look forward to later this year.

Doors open at 9pm, with live music early and DJs all night. Come on out!

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Midnight Divide. Press shot. Used with permission.
Midnight Divide. Press shot. Used with permission.