LOS ANGELES, CA– When lifelong friends Bryce Savage and Cameron Wales decided to buck the trend in music by releasing a new song every week for 100 weeks, and releasing each song on a royalty-free basis so that  YouTube channels, influencers, and blogs could share their music freely, who could have imagined that those self-produced/mixed/mastered/written tracks would earn a huge following leading to billions of streams globally?

The duo, professionally known as NEFFEX, is now starting the next chapter of their musical journey, slowing things down and concentrating on creating a collection of music for their highly anticipated debut EP. Their most recent drop is the new club banging cut “It’s My Life”. With its danceable rhythms and catchy hook, “It’s My Life” is a pretty sure bet to make plenty of digital playlists for end-of-summer blowouts.

Of the song, the duo says:

“It’s My Life” really sums up everything that NEFFEX is all about. From the title to the lyrics, it’s about the freedom to do what you want to do, pursue a dream and enjoy the journey along the way.”

Press play on the link above and keep an eye out for some more ear-candy from this talented duo. Let us know what you think of the new cut in the comments below!

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