HOLLYWOOD, CA-  Los Angeles was given an extra special treat courtesy of the Hollywood Bowl on October 26th, 2018. Celebrating the film’s 25 anniversary, Los Angeles’ reigning Pumpkin King, Danny Elfman, returned to the Hollywood Bowl to perform his role of Jack Skellington singing live to the enchanting Tim Burton classic “The Nightmare Before Christmas” accompanied by the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra. This presentation was originally performed at the Hollywood Bowl in 2015, and was named the “#1 Concert of 2015” by some publications,

@ The Hollywood Bowl 10/26/18. Photo by Erin Fotos (@BandFotos). Used with permission.

The last time, at least to our recollection, Danny performed the seminal Halloween song “It’s a Dead Man’s Party” was during that 2015 performance. But last night,  but he brushed the song off again and performed it some of the original members of Oingo Bpoingo including the original guitarist Steve Bartek and a handful of the band’s percussionists, and also accompanied by the Hollywood Orchestra. Even No Doubt’s Tony Kanal joined in on the fun!

A second performance of the extravaganza is scheduled for tonight, and will have all of the lush  live scenery projections, live orchestra, spectacular guest artists, and an all-star cast. Tickets may still be abailbe and so check it out! Danny may bring the “Dead Man’s Party” out for another go!

Ticket may still be available here: https://www.ticketmaster.com/venueartist/90150/2541294.