LOS ANGELES, CA- If you lurk in the underground metal/punk/thrash scene in Los Angeles, the odds are good that you’ve seen Anthony Mehlhaff lurking in those trenches with you. Anthony has been able to capture the raucousness of that scene with an amazing aesthetic.

Anthony is not only documenting the lifestyle, but he’s now and now entrenched in it as he has added “lead singer” to his resume, fronting the new “REPTILIAN-CHRIST-CORE band CANCER CHRIST.  Accompanied by his anonymous “Snake Boys”, Cancer Christ debuted with first ever single/music video for the thrashing “The Blood Of Christ”. It’s only a minute and a half, but it is a minute and a half of unfettered aggression, and as Anthony wails, “I’ve got a secret, can you keep it,” you’re compelled … even possessed… to scream along with him.

Of the band Anthony says:

CANCER CHRIST is here to fuck shit up and make America pay for its sins…”

I’ve got 5 on that.

The song is part of the compilation “SWEATBAND RECORDS presents… NEON CORPSE PARADE Volume One”; a limited edition, 12″ vinyl album. You can order the album, while supplies last HERE:

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Cancer Christ- Anthony Mehlhaff
Cancer Christ- Anthony Mehlhaff