LOS ANGELES, CA- Before BTS and K-Pop took the world by Storm, the J-pop band ARASHI had its musical grip on the Asian market and was the best selling Asian boy-band as of September 2019. Early last year, ARASHI announced the group activities would be suspended as of December 31, 2020, but that hasn’t stopped them from steadily dropping new music and also widening their exposure with ventures like their 2019 26-episode Netflix documentary ARASHI’S Diary -Voyage-.

But would a group that winding up enlist the help of Grammy award-winning recording artists Bruno Mars for their latest single? On their new single “Whenever You Call,” Bruno Mars mans the production deck and gives listeners a polished pop gem. The song, sung entirely in English, is filled with that trademark romanticism and mood that Bruno Mars has perfected.

Of the experience working with Bruno Mars, ARASHI’s Jun says:

“Personally, I have been a huge fan ever since his mainstream debut, and have attended his live shows multiple times […] We originally intended to go to Los Angeles and work under his vocal direction in recording, but alas with the current COVID-19 situation that was not to be…Through many discussions and his advice on how best to handle the nuance of the vocals, we were able to finish it anyway. It was a fantastic experience to be able to learn from his unique and incredibly talented singing style.”

Of the song, ARASHI’s Aiba says:

“It is a love song that uplifts with the sense of beauty and emotion that only the melody and lyrics of Bruno can impart, straight from the heart,” 

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Arashi. Whenever you call press photo. Used with permission.
ARASHI. “Whenever You Call” press photo. Used with permission.