LOS ANGELES, CA- The Minnesota-born and Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter kennedi has been gaining traction the past couple years. Having co-written music for Ariana Grande (“Fake SMile”) and Jonas Brothers (“Hesitate”), kennedi stepped out from behind-the-scenes to blaze her own path the past few years. Her 2019 single “better” earned high praise from tastemakers like Arjan Timmerman who premiered the track on his Beats 1 show and placed it on Apple Music’s “A-List Pop” playlist claiming, “after reveling in this delicious little slice of pop, we won’t soon forget her.”  She even gained more fans as the opener on. Bea Miller’s tour 2019 tour.

Her newest single, “apology” is an ethereal piece of pop perfection. Its big hooks and hummable melody is the stuff that pop hits are made of (that’s probably why Ariana and the brothers Jonas used her songs on their albums). The song is also an intimate glimpse into kennedi’s personal life as she explains:

“After being with somebody for a long time, it’s all you know […] The first time I had an emotional connection and hooked up with somebody else, I felt guilty. I was looking in the mirrors that are actually hung on my ceiling and saw the reflection of myself and this person who wasn’t her. I didn’t necessarily want it to be her, but I felt like I owed her an apology anyway.”

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kennedi. Apology Cover.
kennedi. Apology Cover.