LOS ANGELES, CA- Actress Kate Hudson has ventured into the realm of pop music with her debut single, “Talk About Love.” Known primarily for her roles in films like “Almost Famous,” Hudson’s unexpected plunge into the music scene has us pondering: can actors really crossover into music with credible artistry?

“Talk About Love,” crafted alongside Linda Perry and Danny Fujikawa, delivers a concoction of rock/pop, sprinkled with euphoric synths and a rhythm that admittedly, does keep your foot tapping. Hudson describes the track as “delicious and sexy,” aiming to encapsulate a range of influences from rock to dance music. While the ambition is palpable, it lands in a safer, more familiar territory of pop music.

Hudson’s years of nurturing a deep love for music seem to have paid off in creating a sound that doesn’t stray too far from the current pop landscape. It’s serviceable, and perhaps that’s the most fitting description. The track doesn’t revolutionize nor does it falter; it comfortably sits in the middle ground.

In terms of vocals, Hudson holds her own. There’s a confidence and a sense of ease in her delivery, suggesting a comfort with the medium that perhaps stems from her years in the spotlight, albeit in a different industry. Her voice carries the melody with a pleasantness that’s hard to fault.

The track, as Hudson puts it, is a blend of her various musical influences, yet it stops short of showcasing any distinct identity. It’s like a well-made cocktail that tastes good but doesn’t, in my humble opinion, leave a lasting impression. What’s intriguing, however, is the potential trajectory this could signal for Hudson. With an album in the pipeline, one can’t help but wonder if she will find a more unique voice, or continue to tread the safe waters of pop music. “Talk About Love” feels like a cautious first step, a toe dipped in the vast ocean of the music industry.

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Kate Hudson Talk About Love. Photo by Guy Aroch. Courtesy of the artist. Used with permission.
Kate Hudson Talk About Love. Photo by Guy Aroch. Courtesy of the artist. Used with permission.