RESTON, VA-  RDGLDGRN (pronounced Red Gold Green) is a band based out of Washington, D.C. Consisting of Marcus Parham (Red), Andrei Busuioceanu (Gold) and Pierre Desrosiers (Green). Their sound is a unique blend of hip-hop and alternative rock elements. Having released three studio albums and one EP since 2013, this trio has really polished their sound and their sonic attack.

Their new single, “Everybody’s Living In A Trap”, is another fantastic addition to the RDGLGRN repertoire, and is oddly fitting given the current state of the times in the age of COVID-19. As they sing the chorus, “Every living in a trap, cause I don’t know where anybody at, I”m just looking for suttin to do, maybe we could all do suttin new”, it sounds like they are singing of the here and now. King Green explains:

“A year ago I was thinking about how we’ve trapped ourselves in this space with an endless scroll of content to keep us entertained and I wondered what would it be like if we couldn’t do anything but be on the Internet…and then that thought came true.”

Very prescient indeed.

The official, animated lyric video for “Everybody’s Living In A Trap” was beautifully executed by bringing to life the story of Japanese peasant’s encounter with the spirit Yuki-onna.

RDGLDGRN have also been doing as much as they can for their community during this crazy COVID-19 pandemnic by giving two livestream concerts with any and all donations going to Capital Area Food Bank’s.  The live-stream performances resonated with their fans and as such the group was inspired to compile tracks from those performances for an album which they hope to have available by April 17th. Keep an eye out for that.

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RDGLDGRN. Press photo. Courtesy of the artist. Used with permission.
RDGLDGRN. Press photo. Courtesy of the artist. Used with permission.