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Young Thug 8/28/16 @ Fuck Yeah Fest. Photo by Todd Seelie for FYF Fest. Used With Permission By www.BlurredCulture.com.

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I work in hip-hop, but I’ll have to cop to the fact that I’m not very well versed in Young Thug’s discography. He’s released a lot of music in the past couple years, but I couldn’t tell you the names of any of his solo joints if you asked me to. My lacking hip-hop knowledge notwithstanding, I decided to take a chance and watch him perform.

When I got to the Lawn Stage, the first thing I noticed was that the crowd was particularly young. Coming from Grace Jones’ performance, I could definitely see the dichotomy in the genres. There was a lot more weed being smoked and a lot more pushing to get from point A to B at this stage.

The first 5 minutes of Young Thug’s set was his DJ (DJ Eskimo) spinning. He was spinning bangers, but I was paying a little more attention to the white kids rapping along to the music. It wasn’t hard to notice them rapping along because they were yelling the “N-word” kinda loud. Yeah … I didn’t think it was a good look.

It was 10:10 before Young Thug took the stage. If I were a concert goer who had my heart set on seeing Young Thug perform, I would have been a little upset because what was supposed to be 50 minute set was now a 40 minute set.

Young Thug started his performance, and I noticed that the audio levels didn’t sound right. I wanted to walk to the soundboard to ask if the sound was being mixed by the house staff or Young Thug’s staff. All weekend long, each act I had seen previously had great sound. The sound at this performance was noticeably not up to snuff.

The bad sound notwithstanding, Young Thugs’ performance didn’t help make it better. After every song, he would blame the audience for not being “turned up” or “pumped up” enough. When his DJ “dropped” the instrumental track to allow the audience’s recitation of lyrics to be heard, I didn’t hear any lyrics. Either the crowd didn’t know the songs, or the crowd just didn’t know what to do.

This performance wasn’t for me, so I decided to leave it in order to catch up with with some friends. On my way out, I could hear Young Thug telling the crowd the now it was the middle of the audience that wasn’t turned up. Yeah. There’s probably a reason for that.

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CLICK HERE to check out more FUCK YEAH FEST Coverage!