The Bakerie is proud to present our new strain “Fresco”. Fresco is a cross of “Lacville 79” x “Kush Mints”. The team developed this strain due to their love of Kush Mints, so why not cross our two favorite strains to see what happens! The flower has a Kush Mints structure but with more blue, purple tones. The taste has the kush, the gas with a kick of a sweet soapy vibe. It is a complex flavor and a gorges flower. The first batch came back testing a 30% THC and is a definite heavy hitter. The high you can feel in your body right away, the head high is heavy as well. Needles to say this is a potent product with complex flavors and absolutely stunning flower. A limited drop with Cookies and Lemonade kicks off in March, then as we ramp up production other outlets through out the state of California by this spring of 2021.