LOS ANGELES, CA– We got a sneak peek of this cut in Austin, TX at SXSW, but  Adrienne Mack-Davis and feleciacruz (stet) just dropped the studio recording of their single “Riiiiiight” and it is straight fire!

Produced by Yujin Mikhalev, and recorded, mixed, mastered by MAVEN, “Riiiiiight” is a banger of a track that not only highlights felciacruz’s fierce and gritty raps but also Adrienne’s soulful melodies. The contrast in their vocal delivery is a musical yin and yang that floats over an atmospheric instrumental.

What makes this cut shine is the vocal production and the track’s range of dynamics. From the whispers to the mysterious overdubs, to the gradual crescendos and decrescendos,  to even the little lip “pop” at 00:58, this is a carefully produced master that’s as sharp as these two young ladies.

As Adrienne sings, “Where did the real ones go?”, I think we already know. They’re right here. Riiiiiight?

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Cover art magic by NEWEN Creative
Handmade bra top on Cruz by The Drift Collective