Anyone who knows anything about the essence of hip hop culture will be aware of the powerful impact that sneakers have. Back in the Bronx in the 1980s, word has it that you could get shot just for stepping on the wrong guy’s sneaks! Over in the UK, the obsession with trainers (as we call them) is still alive and well. Nike recently collaborated with Skepta to create a highly popular series and grime veteran J2K has his own product used to clean your ‘creps’ (as they’re also known as!), called ‘Crep Protect’.

The fast emerging grime MC from Coventry, Skatta has linked up with Hungarian raised, London based producer Y-Etizm for a project called ‘Flavourz’ which is led by this video for ‘Style and Trend’. The song has a real up beat, catchy and positive vibe to it, with fun lyrics and dope production. Best of all it showcases Skatta’s love for the culture that goes hand in hand with urban living, grime and being bout it bout it!!

Also check out Skatta performing some tracks from the EP, live on the Blatantly Blunt show on Pyro Radio. Look out for the Flavourz EP dropping on September 7th. Pre-order Flavourz – EP.