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Ty Segall & the Muggers 8/27/16 @ Fuck Yeah Fest. Photo by Elli Papayanopolous for FYF Fest. Used With Permission By www.BlurredCulture.com.

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Ty Segall and the Muggers 8/27/16 @ Fuck Yeah Fest. Setlist.After catching a couple songs by AIR, I decided to head towards the Tree Stage to catch the second half of Ty Segall’s performance. Ty Segall released his latest album, “Emotional Mugger”, early this year and has been performing with a band that he calls “the Muggers”. When I arrived at their stage at around 8:30pm they were pumping out some killer garage/noise rock.

The first thing I noticed was how good the band sounded. Sure, the audio mix from the soundboard was leveled quite well, but it was the players … the Muggers … on stage that really showed off their stuff.  Of course, when you have talented musicians like Mikal Cronin (bass guitar), Emmett Kelly (guitar), etc. as your backing band, you’re bound to sound pretty damn good.

Towards the end of the set, before individually introducing all of his Muggers, Ty made it a point to announce:

“This is the last show with the Muggers. Shut up I’m not lying (pointing to someone in the audience).

If it was in fact the Muggers final performance with Ty, then I’m certainly glad I got to experience at a least a bit of it. I certainly hope that it was professional decision and hope that it has nothing to do with nipple pants. lol.

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