LOS ANGELES, CA — If you haven’t heard of the band Joseph yet, I’m sure you will soon. These girls have been making a name for themselves recently among the folk-pop world for their incredibly powerful vocals and killer harmonies. And, their live performance energy is just enough to put you in awe.

The Portland-bred indie folk-pop trio and sister-band made up of Natalie Closner Schepman and her twin sisters Meegan and Allie Closner, have a pure approach to their music.

Their breakout 2016 album I’m Alone, No You’re Not, is an incredibly beautiful folk-rock album full of memorable harmonies and themes reflecting on life and being human. Notably, “White Flag” emits those powerful reflections with a catchy rhythm.

The newly released Good Luck, Kid sees the trio bringing up a bigger and fuller sound — a sound that immediately caught my attention just a month ago and enough for me to give their album a listen and decide to see them when they came into town.

Joseph. Photo by Louis Browne. Courtesy of the artist. Used with permission.
Joseph. Photo by Louis Browne. Courtesy of the artist. Used with permission.

Good Luck, Kid, with its leading single “Fighter,” is both haunting and powerful. The girls have a knack for storytelling, as the song treads along telling a story of prevailing only to lead into a loud and robust, empowering percussion-filled chorus. Apart from the trio’s previous acoustic-based songs, this leading single shows the band’s newer, subtle direction into more percussion-driven, synth tracks.

“Wide eyes, eyes wide, I want a fighter
Don’t lie this time, I need a fighter”

The room in the Fonda that Saturday night was full of so much energy. The loving crowd listened to the sisters with such intent and respect, while also howling in cheers when the girls would go into their crazy powerhouse vocals and memorable harmonies. Also, songs like “Green Eyes” — the first song that ever got me hooked — showed sister Natalie slinging her guitar in her white pinstripe suit and boots, and front woman Meegan carrying the vocals visibly on her face.

“That was something else,” I said to myself.

The band, who had experienced a rift post their 2016 album, sees this release as a powerful comeback for the sisters. Their near-breakup, which had sister Meegan thinking Natalie was just looking for back-up singers, had Natalie throw up her hands in defeat if the sisters weren’t really “in it.”

That little rift may have inspired the song, “In My Head” (another personal favorite of mine), which shows the spiraling frustration that happens with getting in one’s own head:

“I’m in my head, in my head
Getting ahead
I’m in my head getting ahead of myself”

The song is a pure triumph, as the girls opened their set with this song. Mesmerizing acapella harmonies opened into a driving guitar-heavy riff and the three sisters letting their vocals fly in the chorus.

When most bands regroup and incorporate a new sound, it can often come as a surprise or off-putting. Yet, as Joseph exemplifies with their third full studio album Good Luck, Kid, those subtle yet masterful changes show the girls just adopting a bigger sound to complement their already powerful sound. It seems that Joseph knows who they are and have a clear sonic direction for themselves — and it shows.

And, if Good Luck, Kid is any indicator, their empowering, soulful blend of heartfelt anthems and rock-driven hits are sure to catch wind and move listeners, just as it had me.

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Joseph. Photo by Louis Browne. Courtesy of the artist. Used with permission.
Joseph. Photo by Louis Browne. Courtesy of the artist. Used with permission.