Born and raised in Essex, South East England, Sonny Green is far from your every day rapper. Despite his young age of 23, Sonny’s been in the industry 10 years. As well as a rapper, he’s also an acclaimed actor, spoken word artist and even a political-social activist! He’s notched up over 50 live performances across Europe, as well as accepting an invitation to record a live session at the hallowed Maida Vale Studios for BBC Introducing, and performed on Russia Today’s music segment too.

With an unbounded level of energy and enthusiasm in everything he sets his mind to, Sonny has built up a widespread following, already having achieved more than most. He recently released a collaborative 5 track EP with in demand producer AsIf Kid Beats, which has been supported by the BBC, amongst others.  We spoke to Sonny about the EP and more. Check the Q&A here, and follow Sonny via Facebook,  Twitter and Instagram. 

Describe the Unfinished Business EP in 5 words

A quality body of work.

To our American audience who may not be too familiar with grime, how would you describe in terms of how it is connected to yet different to hip hop?

Like hip hop, it stems from making music in an oppressive society. Obviously R.A.P (rhythm and poetry) connects it the most, it’s just a different BPM and from a different part of the globe.

How would you describe your unique approach to making music?
Hahah just being myself and letting my spirit have fun with it you know.

What’s more important to you as an artist – widespread stardom to the most people or long lasting legacy as an artist who made a long lasting impression?

Leaving a legacy and a long lasting impression for sure. We’re already stars anyway, all made of star dust out here on a rock flying through space. Being famous ain’t all its cracked up to be anyways.

Do you feel rappers have a responsibility to leave a positive imprint on the listener’s mind?

Nope they can do what they want, but being positive in general is good right negativity ain’t good for nothing but vampires.

Stream Sonny Green’s Unfinished Business EP via Spotify and follow Sonny via Facebook,  Twitter and Instagram.