Los Angeles, CA- Tegan And Sara celebrated the 10th anniversary of their seminal album “The Con” by releasing an album of covers by some pretty high profile artists. In conjunction with the retrospective album, the sisters have tied-in a visual aspect to the release.

Per the artist:

“On 2007, Kristine Thune created four animated videos inspired by The Con that [we] found out about through fans. [We] loved them and wanted to make sure her videos had a proper public release.  Kristine has since cut the videos with the new versions of the songs.”

Earlier this year, they released the first of the four animated videos (Hayley Williams’ cover of “Nineteen”) and just recently released the animated video for Sara Bareilles’ cover of “Floorplan”. Sara’s cover is a stripped down version of the original that slowly crescendos to it’s climax and the video, the theme and story of which seems to fit even better than the original, suits Sara’s vocal and instrumental styling beautifully.

Check out Kristine’s video below and compare the original Tegan and Sara recording as well. Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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