LOS ANGELES, CA- The “10-Years Golder Tour” started April 30th at the Fillmore Auditorium in Denver, Colorado. The 10-date trek has included stops in cities like Boston, New York, Philadelphia and Chicago before wrapping up May 18th at the Masonic in San Francisco. On Friday, May 17th, She’ll be bringing her show to The Palladium in Hollywood.

On this tour, Santigold is celebrating the 10th anniversary of her self-titled debut album Santogold (stet). As such, she will be performing the album in its entirety alongside tracks from the rest of her catalogue.

When Santigold’s debut album came out it didn’t have a set audience or a specific target, but it ended up conquering the globe anyway. The world at the time was ready for something new, and Santigold delivered.

I can remember listening to the album for the first time on cassette, and being taken aback by Santigold’s fearlessness. Santigold was breaking stereotypes and expectations. Because of its different uses of musical genres, the album is vibrant collection of tracks that doesn’t fall into any other category other than “good music”. It is not an ‘electroclash’ record or a reggae record. It is a fusion of different styles and cultures. What really made Santogold’s album stand out was not just its immaculate blurring of genres, but the way its songs connected with such a vast audience.

‘Santogold’ is the rarest of things, a hit record that succeeded due to it’s creator’s commitment to her own left-field imagination, winning over the mainstream, rather than being consumed by it, and we can’t wait to see see/hear Santigold bring it to life in Los Angeles.

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Santifold- Tour Flyer
Santifold- Tour Flyer