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RIVVRS @ Bootleg Theatre 2/9/17. Photo by Hector Vergara (@theHextron) for www.BlurredCulture.com.
RIVVRS @ Bootleg Theatre 2/9/17. Photo by Hector Vergara (@theHextron) for www.BlurredCulture.com.

Opening the night was singer-songwriter RIVVRS supported by a full band. I don’t know how to accurately describe the way I felt as the band started playing their first song, but I can say that I was immediately reminded of Labor Day weekend. That’s the energy I got from them.

RIVVRS has a very classic and mellow American rock sound that was familiar, yet refreshing. One of my favorite moments of the set was when the guitarist broke out into an epic guitar solo as the song’s tempo slowed. Meanwhile, RIVVRS began to smoothly sing the chorus of “Gangsters Paradise” by Coolio.  Genius!

In the middle of the set, RIVVRS needed to buckle down and get serious on a matter that was particularly close to him. The room grew quite as he told us that his grandmother had passed away while he was on this current tour. In a moment that felt like a deeply personal confessional, he poured his heart out and professed the guilt he was feeling that he couldn’t be there during her final moments, but the vowed that every performance since has been energized as a dedication to her.

“Now that I have this quiet moment, I’d like to bring it down just a bit more”.

He then unplugged his acoustic guitar, stepped closer to the crowd stepping over his monitor, and with his back up guitarist, serenaded us with a beautiful, raw rendition of one his songs. I can’t recall an artist completely unplugging in the middle of a performance; allowing an audience to witness his musical and emotional nakedness, but that moment was something powerful, and resonated throughout the entire room.

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