ORANGE COUNTY, CA-  Coming out of Orange County, LUCIDREAM is a bedroom pop band of 4 Vietnamese-Americans, the perfect vibe for anyone out there who’s looking for fresh and chill music. Inspired by lo-fi beats, their music is filled with soothing chords and velvet vocals that are perfect for daily relaxation.

They’re looking to break some barriers in the music industry as they had virtually no Vietnamese-American artists to look up to growing up in Santa Ana, California. They all had passions for music growing up but were pushed to pursue “realistic” careers by their strict Asian families. Hue, the band’s lead producer, and pianist is currently a student at the University of California, Irvine, pursuing a career in psychology. Gaybe, the band’s lead singer is finishing up her high school diploma and will be attending the University of California, Irvine as well. Bang, the band’s lead guitarist is pursuing a career in nursing. Finally, B.E.A., the band’s lead bassist and co-producer are currently in high school. Despite all their commitments, they recently released their first single and music video ‘sunshine’. They are planning to release a new single accompanied by a new music video, every month, for the next 4 months, proving to their families that their passions and dreams can still be achieved. Their full-length EP is scheduled to be in July.

Their single ‘sunshine’ is a response to all of the times they were discouraged by their families when they wanted to pursue music. ‘sunshine’ is a testament to facing all of the lies that are told to us in life and pushing through.

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