Nicki Minaj posted a screen capture of the iTunes top 10 charting Hip Hop/Rap songs Saturday night. But it wasn’t the chart that got people talking so much as Nicki’s racially charged commentary. Check out the posts bellow.










“It’s a great time to be a white rapper in America huh?” Nicki wrote in the caption of her now-deleted post. “These are the top 10 rap songs on US iTunes. S/O to Em & Post. Two of my faves. Congrats to Em on his new album. #Motorsport put dat thing in sport.”

The chart has since been updated, but you can pretty easily read between the lines and see what Nicki was referencing. Of the 10 songs listed, Migos’ “Motorsport” and N.E.R.D.’s “Lemon” are the only two performed by artists that self-identify as black.


Nicki is basically saying that she feels only Black people should create Rap and that they should be the most desirable artists that create this art. Post and Em you guys are cool, but everyone else fuck off. Although Nicki lives in a nation that is only 13% Black and the vast amount of her fans and her wealth she has accumulated all come from the white people she’s isolating with her ignorant commentary. This comment is coming from a woman who went on Ellen and tripled her net worth. A woman who wears blonde wigs and dresses like a barbie doll. Who was propelled to the top spot via her half white and jewish label mate. A woman who reportedly bleached her skin so it wouldn’t be so dark. The irony is ridiculous…

This would be like Steve Jobs or Bill Gates saying, “Damn, why are all these black folks using iphones and computers?” What if Mark Zuckerberg got angry because black people wanted to become computer engineers? So basically if you are not black you cant rap and be successful according to Nicki. But white people please continue to buy Nicki’s music, see her shows and spend money on her, just don’t try and create hip hop. The top ten charts of hiphop have 3 white artists and a hispanic artists who are running it right now.



Nicki don’t like that…. Nicki sounds like an old white guy on Fox News who cant handle the new world. Perhaps all that silicone is leaking into her blood stream? Nicki doubled down by posting an interview via J Cole a white/black mixed rapper who self identifies as black on how Jazz Music was taken over by white folks. Really? Did a black man invent the horn? Trumpet? Guitar? Modern day drum or the way we play, write or record music? The answer is no. The same can be said for hip hop. Wether Nicki or any other racist black, white, asian or hispanic person wants to admit it we all feed off each other and when we do we get and become the best that we can. Imagine if black folks never got involved in basketball a sport created by a white guy and dominated by whites for a long time. Damn that sure ain’t the case now. Is Michel Jordan and LeBron James culture vultures?  They took basketball to a place no white man had and I am happy they did…


Culture is more then food and music folks. Culture is language, government, technology and the way we perceive the world. Cultural appropriation, culture vultures, this is all mild forms of racism against the majority if they choose to participate in minority activities. Yet if a minority participates and exceles in a space where the majority tend to dominate they are celebrated, Tiger Woods, Barack Obama, etc…


Why don’t we just let people be dope, create the art they want to and let the people decide. Post Malone, Lil Pump these are viral artists that the internet choose, not a ANR or a white owned label. Its almost 2018 Nicki, pull it together….