A UFO expert claims that the archive photo of NASA’s Apollo 12 lunar mission contained an image of an alien spacecraft hovering over the Moon. The expert noted that the strange object was a bit similar to what Area 51 whistle-blower Bob Lazar encountered.Through his official blog ET Data Base, self-proclaimed UFO expert Scott Waring shared a controversial photo taken from NASA’s archives. The photo was from the space agency’s Apollo 12 mission.

The Apollo 12 mission was launched on Nov. 14, 1969 and was carried out by astronauts Charles Conrad, Alan L. Bean and Richard F. Gordon. The image Waring shared was a photo of the Moon’s horizon taken by the astronauts. Using photo editing software, Waring was able to zoom in on the photo to get a closer look at a strange object hovering over the horizon. Based on the strange shape of the object, Waring theorized that it may have been biomechanical in nature.

“It does look like a piece of technology,” he said in a video. “It looks like something that was created. It doesn’t look like something that was created with our kind technology. It looks like something that was grown, biotechnology combined.”

According to Waring, if the object was created using biotechnology, then it can continue to evolve to improve its nature. Aside from the nature of the object, its physical orientation also caught Waring’s attention. In the photo, the object can be seen slightly tilted to the side. The UFO expert speculated that the object probably tilts itself in order to move, which is similar to Lazar’s description of the alien spacecraft that he allegedly saw in Area 51. Lazar is widely known as a physicist who claimed to have been part of a project focused on reverse engineering alien technology in a site near Area 51. According to an excerpt from his autobiography, he saw a UFO tilt its central axis at a certain angle in order to lift off and propel itself.