ORANGE COUNTY, CA- Age is nothing but a number when it comes to MoonFuzz. Opening for Diet Cig at Chain Reaction was the L.A. based rock trio who may possibly be the youngest group of musicians that I’ve have ever seen on stage.

The group consists of Lina Lares on vocals/bass, Miranda Viramontes on guitar, and Brandi Estrada on drums. I wasn’t familiar with this band before seeing them on stage, and I really didn’t get a better sense of them or their music even after they performed, but I think that was largely due to the poor audio mix by the sound guy. Throughout the performance, it was hard for me to understand a thing Linda was singing despite the fact that she isn’t the type of vocalist to mumble excessively.

There were also some other small hiccups in the performance (i.e. the small goof-up during OneHundredBrainCells that the band made obvious with the looks they shared with each other right after), but despite the small bumps in the road, they still played a decently solid set that had their audience fully engaged. I was particularly impressed with the incendiary guitar stylings by Miranda who was seriously channeling a 70’s rock vibe with her performance during the band’s intro (fittingly titled “Intro”).

I looked up their music afterward and it’s definitely something that’s right up my alley. Though they may have had a rough go at it this night, I intend to keep them on my radar. After all, these gals are young and will keep growing into their music, sonics, and live show.

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