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Portrait of Too Bad at Mainfest Alhambra 9/10/16. Photo by Derrick K. Lee, Esq. (@Methodman13) for www.BlurredCulture.com.

Kicking off the action on the main stage at the inaugural incarnation of MainFest Alhambra was the local band based out of Venice Beach: Too Bad. Consisting of Jason Napier (“J-Rock”) on guitar and vocals, Gerry Saint (“Saint”) on keys and vocals and Jason Berlin (“Bam Bam”) on drums, this electronic rock band played an inspired set for their fans who made it out to the festival grounds as it opened. After their performance, Blurred Culture had a moment to chat with the fellas:


[We meet up with Saint and Bam Bam in the MainFest beer garden]

Blurred Culture: Really fun set this afternoon. For those of us that initiated with your band’s music, how would you guys describe it too people?

SAINT: Electronic dance rock that brings the heart of electronic rock, four on the floor, dance music to get everybody dancing. We’re here to have a good time, and to get everybody rocking and dancing with us.

Portrait of Saint of Too Bad at Mainfest Alhambra 9/10/16. Photo by Derrick K. Lee, Esq. (@Methodman13) for www.BlurredCulture.com.

Blurred Culture: How long have you guys been playing together?

SAINT:  We started the band in 2012, but we recently added Bam Bam, our newest member … so as a trio we’ve been play for about 2 years.

BAM BAM:  Before it was just synths, with guitars and vocals. Then I came to Saint and suggested that the sound could really benefit from some loud, pounding drums … why don’t we try it out? Then we just kind of developed a style where I just accentuated what they were playing, really just hammering home. [Plus it added] another level to the the live element of what they were doing.

Blurred Culture: I think that was smart to do. Adding a “live” element to electronic music, getting that real sound from the drums, really makes a difference.

SAINT: That was always our mission. We always wanted to be a “live” electronic band. And once we got the drums, that’s when it finally clicked.  We were doing a lot of gigs as a duo, and it just wasn’t enough … it wasn’t connecting. Now that we’ve got Bam Bam back there, it really brings “the show”, and that what we really want. We want to put on a high energy show, and have people be entertained by that. We the audience to see a show.

Portrait of Bam Bam of Too Bad at Mainfest Alhambra 9/10/16. Photo by Derrick K. Lee, Esq. (@Methodman13) for www.BlurredCulture.com.

Blurred Culture: Anything exciting going on with the band we should know about?

SAINT: We recently released a singled called “Manimal”, and we’re pretty excited about that track because we got it placed in a  feature film called “Samurai Cop 2”. Bam Bam should talk about this cause he made it happen.

BAM BAM: “Samurai Cop 2” is a fine feature film that is a sequel to […] “Samurai Cop”,  a movie that came out in the 80s [and has achieved a cult status. [The sequel stars Tommy Wiseau who was the writer, producer, star and director] of the award winning “The Room”. A buddy of mine is executive producing the film and had me as an extra as a bodyguard who gets shot in the film and I die.

Blurred Culture:  And you took that as opportunity to pitch your music?

BAM BAM:  Well, I died in the film, and a couple weeks later he was all like, “Hey, man. We need some tunes for this film,” and I’m like, “Bro,I got Too Bad!” You should totally check some of this out.” And he did, and he loved it, and he took two of our songs. One ended up being the cold open, main titled credits music and the other is during the final fight scene.

SAINT: That’s a pretty decent look for us. We also have a new single coming out on the 23rd … which happens to be my birthday … called “Painkiller”, so stay tuned for that!

Blurred Culture: Are you planning some more gigs?

SAINT:  We’ve been playing a lot of shows in Orange County through the Orange County Music League. We’re playing a show out in the Mojave Desert, Good Vibe Tribe Gathering, which is more of your burner type of festival.

[J-Rock Joins us by hopping the fence into the beer garden]

SAINT: [laughing]  That is so J-Rock.

J-ROCK: [In a British accent.] Over in England, they call me Nigel. I like to go into personas, you know? [In regular voice] People know me as Jason or J-Rocc [back in british accent] but sometimes I’m Nigel.

SAINT: He’s got the Sasch Fierce/Beyonce thing going on. Once he hits the stage, he’s Nigel.

Portrait of J-Roc of Too Bad at Mainfest Alhambra 9/10/16. Photo by Derrick K. Lee, Esq. (@Methodman13) for www.BlurredCulture.com.

Blurrred Culture: Just talking with Saint and Bam Bam about where you guys perform. And they mentioned the Orange County Music League.

J-ROCK: Oh yeah. Our friends John Safari and Chad Martinez are really creating a movement down there.

Blurred Culture: And it’s clear you guys are trying to start your own movement yourself. What are your plans for the future?

BAM BAM:  Kicking ass, taking names, Too Bad is all about the games. We’d like to be the pioneers of EDR, “Electro-Dance Rock”. Trying start a scene that others will want to join.

Well, we certainly hope that others do!

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