A man who had nine wives plans to have children and says it’s ‘first come, first served’ as to who will be their mother after one partner left the marriage. Brazilian model Arthur O Urso made headlines last month after saying he wanted to marry two more women despite having a sex rota to keep his wives satisfied.

But after one of his partners left, Arthur hopes to expand his family with a baby. Arthur and his first wife Luana Kazaki, are swingers who formalised the union with the other women at a Catholic church in Sao Paulo. But the marriage is not legally binding as polygamy is illegal in Brazil. Having given up the “sex rota” when it began to feel like a chore, Arthur said he did not mind which of his wives – whom he practices “free love” with – conceived a child. “The cool thing about all this is that regardless of which of my wives has the baby, the child will grow up with a lot of love and affection from everyone,” Arthur told Jam Press. “I don’t have a favourite wife for this to happen, we’re letting it happen naturally.”