LOS ANGELES, CA- Teleskopes caught me by surprise the first time I saw them perform live. I was immediately drawn to the sonic grandeur of their atmospheric rock sound, and I subsequently delved into their debut EP, Stereocilia, which had been released earlier that year. With only Stereocilia  under their belt, I’ve been anxious since to hear new music from the trio of Fox Fagan (bass, vocals), Pelle Hillstrom (guitar), and Jesper Kristensen (drums). Thankfully, they’ve just released their latest single, “Holy Water”.

Produced & Mixed by Teleskopes, with mastering by Brian Lucey (Depeche Mode, Marilyn Manson, Biffy Clyro, etc), “Holy Water” is a banger of track. With dramatic lyrics to complement the anthemic drive of the arrangement, “Holy Water” builds in intensity over the course of its 3:37 minute playing time. When the heavy guitar riffs come in blazing during the hook, it’s masterful the way the aggression of the guitars balance-out the almost contemplative melody that Fox sings. When that guitar riff is subtly layered with synths (I think) the second time around, that’s the peak of the song’s crescendo and it is oh so satisfying.

Of the song, the band explains that:

“The title itself inspired by a special concoction digested by the band members whilst on a creative trip to Landers, located in the high desert of California. A house was locked out for several days where undisrupted writing and recording led to the initial creation of the ethereal sounds that feature on the track, which was then finished off later at their home studio in North Hollywood.”

Hillstrom says it’s “about choices, sacrifices people make in this lifetime gambling on that an afterlife exists”.

Teleskopes will be celebrating the release of “Holy Water” with a special performance at Madame Siam in Hollywood, this Saturday April 6th. If you like what you hear now, trust me when I say you need to see and hear them do it live. I guarantee it will blow your mind.

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