LOS ANGELES, CA- We may be a little late on the Street Joy train, but we recently found the video (and song) for “Do A Thing” by this Los Angeles based duo … and we can’t stop shaking our bums.

The video is a fun, trippy montage of the duo running around in the desert, and the lyrics are early memorable, but it’s the groove of the track that really get’s us going. The repetitive bass line is … to put it simply … infectious with its funky disco  vibes and we’ve already looped the video 4 times … make that 5 while putting this post up.

“This video is the product of a true collaboration with our old friends over at Playground. The initial inspiration came from this huge desert scene painting by Jason’s dad that hangs in his apartment. It features the silhouettes of several folks and camels walking single file in front of a vast sandy landscape. The gradient work is excellent. We latched on to the feeling we got from thinking about the seclusion and expansiveness of the desert, imagining ourselves as those tiny silhouettes with nothing to do but arrive at some destination. The team at Playground took that and ran with it to places we just wouldn’t have gone, and we couldn’t be happier with where that took us. Driving for hours into the middle of the desert, cars stuck in the sand, friends stuck in the sand, all of it. We shot the whole thing in one day, and it’s one we won’t soon forget.”- Street Joy

Have a listen/watch below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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