Everyone’s been weighing in on Lil Wayne’s possible retirement since he took to Twitter over the weekend to hint he’s considering either taking a break or quitting the rap game once and for all. Of those expressing their thoughts on Weezy is none other than Young Thug. The rapper shared that though he feels their love is unrequited, he will always look up to Wayne.

“I just wish u could love me the way I love u big bro…” Young Thug posted on his Twitter account. “Ur my idol for life and I hope ur sorry for bashing me, not knowing how much I love you.” Thug (i.e. Jeffery) is referencing how he and the rapper have a history full of threats and hostility, especially with constantly being compared to one another. The rapper wanted to make it clear that despite any differences they may have had in the past, in his eyes, Weezy is still his biggest inspiration.

“I promise I’m holding u down no matter what…” the rapper continued. “F**k the world and what they think\feel I’m with u for life, ur the reason I rap…..” While Wayne has yet to respond, it looks as though Young Thug is going to be standing by the compliments he threw Weezy’s way.

Check out his support for Lil Wayne in tweets below.

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