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Modest Mouse @ State Theater of Ithaca 10/6/17. Photo by Shoshana Swell (@ShoshanaSwell) for www.BlurredCulture.com.
Modest Mouse @ State Theater of Ithaca 10/6/17. Photo by Shoshana Swell (@ShoshanaSwell) for www.BlurredCulture.com.

Ithaca, NY-  Modest Mouse is transformative. I arrived to the sold-out show in Ithaca, NY shortly after taking a final exam that morning. Seeing Modest Mouse was a form of therapy for me and many others who I’m sure had a tough week. What is better than seeing a band that you have listened to for so long at the end of a week full of too much thinking?

This band certainly has a lot of confidence and uses their creative freedom to make the show personal. Lead singer Isaac Brock would often talk to the crowd. He interacted with the crowd so frequently that he often forgot to speak into the mic. Many people in the front row had intimate conversations with Isaac. Sounds like a dream come true for some of his most loyal fans who lined up hours before the show. But don’t worry, Isaac made sure to talk with people all the way on the top balcony as well.

You know a song is about to intensify when Isaac’s eyes get even larger than you think they could. You could be standing there at one moment and all of the sudden the song accelerates and everyone around you is jumping as high as they can. When “Dashboard” came on, everyone was bouncing higher and higher seemingly defying the laws of gravity.

Modest Mouse @ State Theater of Ithaca 10/6/17. Setlist.The crowd was full of die-hard fans. There was that one guy who attempted to talk to the band the entire show. As I squeezed towards the middle of the crowd, the lady in front of one of these die hard talkative fans warned me to cover my ears because he is loud. Believe it or not, but all of that fan’s screaming paid off when Isaac finally talked with the man in the crowd. There were others that came all the way from Buffalo (3 and a half hours away!). The sold out crowd was full of love for Modest Mouse.

The band left the stage playing “The Ground Walks, With Time in a Box” but soon returned for a length encore. The members of Modest Mouse made sure the crowd’s vocal pipes were at it’s maximum capacity from screaming so much before coming back to stage. It made me feel old when I had to plug my ears because it was so loud. I’ll blame it on the energetic crowd as opposed to my hearing that is slowly disappearing. Playing a four song encore from select songs from albums from 1997-2015, Modest Mouse made certain that the sold out crowd, would leave the State Theater craving more Modest Mouse in the future.

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