Tucson, Arizona native Seanloui  is demanding answers in his latest single, “Tell Me.” The up-tempo r&b/pop influenced record finds the singer-songwriter asking his girl to tell him three words we all long to hear. The circumstances are pretty messy as Sean is fully aware that she may be cheating.

After countless amounts of reassurance, Seanloui still isn’t convinced and continues to request for her to tell the truth. The song plays on the notion that you can love someone and not be in love with them. But who knows? His girl might’ve stepped out of the relationship long ago, didn’t want to lose him because he’s a “good guy” so she kept him around. Horrible, horrible thing to do, but it happens…right?

Following his years as the 2nd guitarist and songwriter for indie band Signals, he’s now ventured out to cultivate solo self-titled project, Seanloui, in which “Tell Me” is featured.