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LOS ANGELES- Kat Leon and Nicolas Perez have done it again. Their band, Holy Wars, with Greg Garman on drums, has dropped another searing track for dark pop-rock fans to gnash their teeth into.

The new single, “TV Dinner”, is a fuzzed-out romper of a cut filled that rages against conformity and swells with angst. Of the song, lead singer Kat Leon has said:

“‘TV Dinner’ is a fun, energetic punch to the face making you thrash around your bedroom while at the same time, spotlighting a societal meaning to the lyrics [….] I wanted to write a song that conveys the message ‘we are what we eat’ and at times regurgitate mindlessly…touching upon brainwashing, misogyny, social injustice, a masked religion, the empty promise of an American Dream, and death of the paid artist where art and music is valued by a ‘like’ on a fleeting app. I even let the listener inside my personal life by paying homage to my late parents in lyrics, ‘Dad was an auto mechanic, Mom was a tarot reader, I got blue blood in the veins, sick heart, we got a bleeder…’ I was inspired to write this message as everyday we consume what is given to us via all media… news, social apps, television and yes… food.”

Kat Leon of Holy Wars. Photo by Heather Koepp

With the chorus of “Eat it up, Spit it out, Drink it up, How do you like it now” Holy Wars metaphorically emphasizes how society is forced to follow the brainwashed ethos of conformity which they preach will eventually “kill [your] mind” as you “[choke] down that tv dinner”, and given that most of us have been glued for hours to our Netflix and Youtube during the pandemic, it’s a prescient nugget of enlightenment.

The music video, directed by Erin Naifeh and DP’d by Horacio Martinez, plays with strikingly terrifying, yet playful, imagery that further emphasizes the meaning of the song. The video opens using aesthetics of the ’50s and ’60s, taking a cue from The Twilight Zone, then blitzes the viewer with striking clips of what’s going in the mind of the video’s protagonist:

“We open up with a parody of a real 1955 TV Dinner commercial where it reeks of misogyny […] This commercial inspired our opening to the video where we start with the typical American dynamic of the average household in 1955 and as the song starts, we are now in the mind of  [Kat] Leon as she stands so poised holding that TV dinner next to her husband [Jake Handler] while in her mind, the lyrics to the song are given life from one second to the next as if turning the channels in her head… Once the song and ride ends you have to watch it again because surely you missed something.”

Holy Wars keeps delivering unapologetic rock coupled with bold imagery. as long as they continue to give us music and visuals like this, we’ll gladly keep “choking down” a steady diet their fusion of dark pop/rock drops.

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