SWEDEN, PLANET EARTH- I’m not sure how this band hasn’t been on my radar until now, but holy hell … Blues Pills really f*ing rock. Hailing from Sweden, this quartet of Elin Larsson (Vocals), Zack Anderson (Guitar), André Kvarnström (Drums), and Kristoffer Schander (Bass) are scheduled to have their third studio album, Holy Moly!, scheduled for release on June 19, and recently released a new video for their second single “Low Road”.

The song is straight-up rock and roll with a classic rock edge. Elin’s gritty vocals pierce the swirl of fuzzy guitars and frenetic drumming and as she wails, “Got this feeling inside my head, Won’t stop ’til I am dead, I got nothin’ left to lose”, you believe it and know she’s going to kick some tail on the way there.

Of the song,  the band explains:

“We wrote ‘Low Road’ about being your own worst enemy. About running from your own demons only to realise that you can’t, because the problem is inside of yourself. ‘Low Road’ is maybe one of the heaviest songs we’ve ever written, filled with the brutalness of the human mind, that can be both vicious and lost. Everybody has probably found themselves fumbling in the dark at some point in life. And with ‘Low Road’ there is no way out. We love playing this song live, because it’s just raw, balls to the wall rock power. Hopefully this can be a relief for a moment in this wicked world.”

Blues Pills recognize their musical inspiration through their music video, which plays with 60s-70s era motifs, even using a grainy filter to give the visual a “vintage” look:

“With the video for ‘Low Road’ we just wanted to express ourselves live and add some humor to this raw tune putting ourselves in a twisted surreal TV-show. And in some way it’s to honor some of our heros from the 60s-70s era of rock’n’roll where we got the inspiration from. THE BEATLES, JEFFERSON AIRPLANE, THE DOORS, MC5, THE ROLLING STONES to mention a few. The ones who did something to break down the barriers. Imagine, to be the ones taking the first steps opening up the world to heavier rock music. We love them for that.”

Holy Moly! is self-produced by BLUES PILLS and mixed by the Grammy award-winning Andrew Scheps (Red Hot Chili Peppers, Iggy Pop, Adele, Black Sabbath, Rival Sons, Hozier). I’m keeping an eye on this band.

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Blue Pills. "Low Artist" single art.
Blue Pills. “Low Artist” single art.