LOS ANGELES, CA- Wow. Have you ever heard a cover and done a double-take when you find out it’s not actually the original artist performing it? That’s what happened when I listened to Swimm’s cover of Savage Garden’s classic “I Want You”. Chris Hess’ (“Cookie”) vocals sound uncannily like Darren Hayes vocals, and I still can’t believe it.

That’s not to say that there aren’t differences between the two versions. In fact, I actually liked the way Swimm mixed their version more than the original because it’s got a richer and fuller sound that isn’t as tinny as Savage Garden’s. Plus, Swimm’s arrangement of the instrumental bridge is updated with a more contemporary sonic that’s much better suited for today’s sound.

When asked about why they selected this song to record, Cookie responded.

We’ve developed a ritual with our best friends over the last few years at the parties we host at our warehouse, The Cube. It involved serotonin spikes via holotropic breathwork and always ended with a dog-pile of roughly 7 or 8 dudes laughing and hugging. All of which, located inches away from this giant speaker with ridiculous LED lights reacting to the music… which would always be “I Want You” by Savage Garden, played at full volume. I’ve no doubt suffered hearing loss, perhaps a slight chemical imbalance and probably picked up a tape worm in tow but good God do I miss a cuddle puddle with all my buds these days. 

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