Following a feud with Drake and on top of that throwing rocks at Drake fans, Joe Budden joins Ebro in the morning where they waste no time asking about the Drake beef.

After half an hour, Joe mentions that most of the interview has focused on Drake. Adding fuel to the fire, Marisa Mendez, a former co-host on Budden’s podcast discusses how she was fired from the show, which brings up another topic he’s not interested in discussing. The Hot 97 host then begins to joke about Budden’s new album Rage and the Machine and Budden visibly gets annoyed, saying, “Next time I come here for an interview, send my manager the talk points…I didn’t know that this would be an utter complete waste of time.” He nevertheless thanks everyone for their time before abruptly ending the interview and leaving. (skip to 37:35 to see Budden storm off.”