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Elliphant @ The Troubadour 5/11/16 | Concert Photo By Derrick K Lee

Ellinor Olovsdotter is Stockholm’s Elliphant. A relative newcomer to the music scene, she released her first single “Tekkno Scene” in 2012 and has been gaining critical acclaim since. On March 25, 2016 she released her second studio album “Living Life Golden”; an album which features a who’s who of production heavyweights including Skrillex, Sitek and Dr. Luke and guest appearances by Azelia Banks and Big Freedia.

“Living Life Golden” is an adventurous album which melds together the musical elements of dancehall, dubstep, rap, pop and electronic dance, but is all bound together by the vocal strength of its leading lady. While Elliphant’s rap skills is passable, and her sporadic use of the Jamaican dialect is questionable, it’s the husky tone of her voice when she sings over intricate electronic productions that makes “Living Life Golden” stand out. The eclectic album is pretty solid indicator that Elliphant has got her hand on the pulse of pop music, and as long as she continues developing those artistic relationships she formed for this album, there’s a bright future for her.

Elliphant has previously stated that her sonic creativity for this album is derived from a self-made muse she named “Blisseh”; an imaginary, color-shifting creature with large ears akin to an elephant. Her Blisseh was physically manifested on stage, and just prior to her performance it began to sparkle and color-shift before our eyes.

Elliphant @ Troubadour Setlist 5/11/12
This setlist is unverified.

As soon as Elliphant stepped onto the hallowed stage of the sold-out Troubadour, her largely female crowd erupted with excitement. Wearing a sports bra and loose fitting pantaloons with marijuana leaves printed thereon, she had the look of someone who was about to engage in a vigorous workout, and work-it-out she did. With boundless energy, she powered through her hour-plus set and essentially led her adoring fans in a rave-like workout with non-stop singing and dancing.

Elliphant engaged the audience whenever the opportunity presented itself. Whether it was waxing on her philosophy of sex, jumping into the audience to sing amongst her fans or serenading a lucky fan who somehow managed to position himself on the stairs leading of to the VIP section, Elliphant literally gave her fans her all, and her fans lapped it all up with a ravenous fervor.

But the giving didn’t end there. Elliphant treated the audience with several surprise guests that got the venue beyond hyped. When Big Freedia joined Elliphant on stage for “Club Skunk Now”, the room lost its collective mind. Even Elliphant couldn’t contain her happiness as by the end of the duet, she got on her knees and tightly grasped Big Freedia’s waist in an act of uncontrollable adulation. And when Skrillex jumped on stage during her encore, you realized that this petite powerhouse of Nordic descent has got some serious industry co-signs backing her.

Blisseh or no Blisseh, it would appear that Elliphant is well on her way to making some serious headway towards capturing more and more fans in the United States. By the looks of her sweat drenched fans who had danced the night away with her, she’s already got Los Angeles’ attention.

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