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Tennis. Photo by Luca Venter. Courtesy of Sacks & Co. Used with permission.
Tennis. Photo by Luca Venter. Courtesy of Sacks & Co. Used with permission.

Tennis, and indie pop band from Denver, Colorado, are the husband and wife duo of Alaina Moore and Patrick Riley. With a new album, “Yours Conditionally”, to be released in a little more than a week (March 10), the couple premiered the track “My Emotions Are Blinding”. The new song is trademark Tennis; a light and pleasing mid-tempo tune that highlights Alaina’s delicately charming voice.

Though the comparisons have already been made, it’s hard not to be reminded of the classic rock/pop catalogues of Fleetwood Mac and Ms. Stevie Nicks when listening to “My Emotions Are Blinding”. With its steady bass line and the vocal harmonies that hit in the pre-chorus, I felt like was listening to a modern day homage of the classic “Dreams”.

The breezy musical mood wraps itself around the lyrics that seem to implicate some heavy, personal female struggles. The opening lyrics set the stage of the narrative quite clearly: “Women are much closer to nature, so but can’t you understand? Binary opposition, hits me like a divine plan”. And that distinction between men and women is explained as something innate: “I get hysterical, oh oh, It’s empirical.”  It’s songwriting at its best when seemingly diametrically opposed music (bright) and lyrics (dark) create a cohesive whole, and I can’t wait for more.

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