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WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA- Major kudos must be given to the agency that put together the lineup for this year’s L.A. PRIDE. With Krewella‘s electronic banger of set on Friday, and Charli XCX‘s sexually charged performance on Saturday, the festival perfectly balanced the musical offerings of the weekend with the sugary, pop goodness that is Carly Rae Jepsen on Sunday.

Though it was clearly never contemplated, the high spirited and undeniably positive performance of Ms. Jepsen was a much needed panacea after the tragic news from earlier in the day broke. Performing a set that featured hits from her debut album and songs from her critically acclaimed 2015 album “E-MO-TION”, her music brought the emotions out of the audience. Singing along to virtually every chorus of every song, scanning the audience during her performance, all I could see in the crowd was a sea of smiles.

Dressed in a sparkling gold jump suit- a wardrobe selection that matched the golden nature of her performance- she instilled strength and positivity in the audience every time she raised her hand in the air and pointed towards the evening sky. Her gracious demeanor on stage when she spoke to the audience between songs gave the performance a very real human element, enabling her to connect with everyone in the audience, even though they outnumbered her by multiples of thousands.

Even if pop songs like “Call Me Maybe”, “I Really Like You”, “Let’s Get Lost” or “Run Away With You” aren’t really your cup of tea (clips of each song from the performance are below), in that moment in time, when the world and West Hollywood needed it most, Carly Rae Jepsen delivered exactly the kind of reassuring,  feel-good performance that anyone and everyone in attendance needed to hear and experience that evening.

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