LOS ANGELES, CA- Need some upbeat music to lift your spirits during these Covid-19 times? We recommend checking out Anna Shoemaker and her latest EP Everything Is Embarrassing. This Brooklyn-based, 25-year-old  alt-pop singer-songwriter has a knack for crafting catchy pop tunes.

Everything is Embarrassing dropped back in February. Of the EP, Anna has said:

“After living in Brooklyn for about a year, I felt a little more grounded in my writing and had really found my sound. I recorded the first 5 songs with JT Daly, down in Nashville. Coming home, I went thru a really bad breakup and I felt like everything I had semi figured out was all twisted up again. I was back at square one—that’s when I wrote ‘Someone’ with Will Baker at his studio in Brooklyn. I knew that song had to be on the EP. It’s a true bookend to a chapter in my life that contained a lot of heartbreak. I guess if I’ve learned one thing from writing ‘Everything Is Embarrassing’ it’s that the more you grow and learn, the less clear everything becomes. Life is just about navigating and becoming comfortable with the uncomfortable.”

“Someone” seems to be one of the more personal songs on the EP, as it appears to be a song that finds Anna professing her love for “the one”:

“Someone fucked me up
I was never enough
But you could be the one
You could be the one baby”

The personal nature of the song is made even more intimate as Anna appears to have taken, and edited, personal video clips of her and her love-interested for this video. It’s a glimpse into real-life and serves as the visual inspiration of the music that she’s singing. It’s light and free and something that we can all use a little bit of given our current quarantine status.

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Anna Shoemaker. Press photo. Courtesy of the artist. Used with permission.
Anna Shoemaker. Press photo. Courtesy of the artist. Used with permission.