LOS ANGELES, CA- Anna Dellaria is a San Francisco-born/Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter who we think you’ll be hearing about sooner rather than later.

Her new single “At My Worst” is a banger of a track that ebbs and flows with intensity and emotions. Produced by friend and collaborator Jonny Shorr, Anna has created a soulful soundscape that creeps with ominous intensity until it explodes with her affirmative declaration in the chorus. The ominous synth bass-line that is utilized in the pre-chorus is mixed to perfection, and the snare drums snapping into the breakbeat give the track the kind of urgency that gets heads nodding to the beat.

She sings, “I don’t know what you were expecting, I’m a diamond rough around the edges,” but if her production and songwriting is any indication, we’re pretty sure she’s well on her way to being a pretty polished artist.

Of the song,  Anna says:

“Too often,  we allow our flaws and vulnerabilities to justify settling for less or expecting less from others.  One day, I was inspired to write something for myself and others on the days when we’re tired of compromising and meeting other people’s standards, just because we’ve believed for so long that we’re unworthy of more.  I had a moment of realizing, “Wtf! The reason this person is ‘drawn’ to me is because of the chaos inside of me that allows for those beautiful parts to exist!”  

I hope this song enables everybody to be their boldest selves and celebrate their quirks or imperfections as the tools that allow us to be stronger, better and so much more.  Most importantly, I hope the song inspires people to grab a friend or drink (or both!), and yell “Want me at my best? Then take me At My Worst” and vow to never settle for less, and to celebrate their “crazy” or “weird” sides.”

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Anna Dellaria. Press shot. Used with permission.
Anna Dellaria. Press shot. Used with permission.