NEW YORK, NY – Brooklyn songstress Lexi Todd brings a new freshness to sultry smooth jazz-pop with her latest track “Madonna,” assuring everyone that she’ll “be her own queen.”

A self-described “soul-searcher”, Todd hails from the Jersey Shore, but has spent the last 7 summers touring with “gnar-n-b” band Chevy Lopez down the East Coast. Through a lifetime of performing in choirs, musical theater, and a capella groups, Todd honed her technical musical craft while exploring her inner sonic conscience through studies in political science, philosophy and law.

With her new solo sound, she brings about the raspy vocals of Joss Stone and Erykah Badu with a smart lyrical prowess comparable to Stevie Nicks. Compared to her other songs, including the more pop-fused “Extra Key,” “Madonna” is laid back with a self-assured confidence that is strong throughout the entire track. Sensual, slow backing instruments accent Todd’s flowing tone, carefree but constructed in its jazzy punctuation.

At one point, at the bridge, the tempo picks up slightly, the stakes raised a bit before flowing seamless back to the slower pace. It creates an interesting contrast to the rest of the song, bringing in a newer physicality to the otherwise laid-back track.

Overall, it’s one of those songs you can easily sway to. It creates a picture in your mind, complete with a smokey underground club with low lights. Play this one on a lazy Sunday, or as a late Saturday night jam as you’re winding down. Either way, it’s a sign of a rising star.

Have a listen below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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